Carol, Melinda – The Cowboy Who Stole My Heart

Only two things stand between Skye and the life she craves: a priceless necklace and a hot cowboy. Not necessarily in that order.

Skye Stanton enjoys catering for Aunt Judy’s reception center about as much as she likes sour milk and day-old sushi. But she’s trapped as long as Judy holds Grandma’s trust money hostage. So when Skye learns her family may have the rights to a stolen heirloom necklace, she hatches a plan to track down the jewels in exchange for sweet freedom.

For Dillon Wyle, the necklace doesn’t just represent money—it symbolizes loyalty, family, and the mother he tragically lost years ago. Dillon intends to protect that legacy, even if he must fight against the beautiful woman with the sexy smile who shows up at the ranch claiming the necklace for her own.

Skye asserts the jewels were stolen; Dillon insists they were a gift. Only one can be right. And when their relationship turns romantic, the two of them realize there’s more at stake than just the necklace—their hearts, their history, and both families’ futures end up on the line.

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