Cluff, Sara Jo – Taylor’s Outrageous Vow

Taylor wants revenge.
Not a new boyfriend.

When Taylor gets dumped right after a magical prom, she enrolls her best friends, Daphne and Veronica, to create a Vow of Vengeance, a list of pranks to make her douchey ex, Zander, suffer.

Nothing will distract her from messing with Zander.

Not having all six of her brothers and their families come to visit. Not an over-the-top family vacation. And definitely not her brother’s super hot college roommate who is staying with them. Even if he is the most gorgeous guy she’s ever seen.

As Taylor checks off the items in her outrageous vow, the pranks become way more disastrous than she ever planned, putting her friends and family at risk. Oh, and she can’t stop flirting with her brother’s roommate.

Is it worth taking her ex down to blow her chances at true love?

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