Davis, Lorie N.: Tearing Down the Sky

Tia and Luke Wright, teen kids of international doctor parents, are evacuated from Miami as a force 4 hurricane nears. As severe flooding begins, they are taken northwest to safety at the home of strange, witch-like, Great Aunt Zillah.
In Aunt Zillah’s huge crowded attic, the two find an ancient Bible that glows with faint purple light and smells horrible. When it flips open to the story of Noah, the kids are thrust back in time to that worst of all storms and floods.
From there the adventures never stop, alternating between Noah’s wicked, flood-ready world, and the modern, desperate tragedy in Florida. The youths visit four critical times during Noah’s saga. They also assist their doctor parents at field hospitals in storm and flood-ravaged Miami.
Luke and Tia perform brave, compassionate and heart-stopping actions in both eras, proving that the young have a great deal to give and to learn in all kinds of threatening situations.

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