Eaton, Pam – They Didn’t Know

How long can you pretend to be okay? And when do you start fighting for yourself?Over a year ago the life Victoria (Tori) Adams had vanished. The cheerleader, the happy daughter, the extrovert—they all disappeared the night Tori attempted suicide. In an effort to save her, her parents moved her from the dry deserts of Arizona to a small coastal town in Connecticut. Now she’s standing on a frozen, desolate beach, constantly afraid to say the wrong thing to her mom, hiding the dark thoughts that plague her mind, and fighting to stay.

When Tori discovers a secret room in her new house and its connection to the slightly-annoying-but-definitely-cute Nick Janus from auto shop class, she’s stuck between a painful past and torturous present. But as time passes and relationships deepen, Tori realizes that even though she’s still alive, she has a lot to learn about living.

They Didn’t Know is a gripping, coming of age YA novel that deals with life after attempted suicide.

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