Garrett, Jared Nathan – Finding Home

Josh and Mary had a plan. 

They may have waited too long. 


Three years after he chose not to escape, Joshua Kerr remains in the Fundamental Faith in God, doing his best to protect the other kids being abused in the cult. Of course, he also chose to stay with Mary, the girl who opened his eyes to becoming a defender of the littles. 

For three long years, Josh and Mary have followed their simple plan: stay and protect the little ones until Mary is eighteen. Then Josh and Mary will leave and make a new life—while also finding a way to make life better for those kids who can’t escape yet.

When a family member Mary never knew about shows up, everything is upended. Mary is taken away with no chance for contact. With nothing left to lose, Josh must finally stand up and defy the cult and break free. 

He will find Mary. Even if he has to cross an entire country he knows little of, Josh will find the girl he loves.

Finding Home is the story of a young man standing up for what he believes in and finding himself a stranger in the real world – searching for a place to call home. Based on and inspired by the author’s life in The Process Church of the Final Judgment.

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