McKendrick, Lisa: Flipping in Love

Millicent Harvey would do just about anything to save her antique shop, except work with the jerk, Joe Monroe. She’s hated him since he callously outbid her at an estate auction. However, when an opportunity to save her shop comes knocking in the form of a furniture-flipping reality show, Millicent must swallow her pride and agree to work with Joe. But, when during their first challenge, he saws into a valuable antique dresser, Millicent realizes she was mistaken. Joe isn’t just a jerk, he has no soul.
The fact that she needs that prize money stops her from storming off the show. Also, at times it seems like the show is more about contestants flipping out, than flipping furniture.
The last thing Millicent wants, is to start liking Joe. Actually, that’s not true, the last thing she wants is to die a virgin. At twenty-seven she’s comfortable owning her decision to wait until marriage, but when the show tries to turn her virginity into part of its spectacle, Joe defends her. Joe Monroe may be better than she thought.
Aware that she has a terrible habit of picking the wrong guys, Millicent knows she shouldn’t fall for Joe, but can she help it when he seems too good to be true. And, as she starts to have more feelings for Joe, so do many others as the show explodes in popularity.
Joe knows what he wants, however, and he’s not afraid of outsmarting the producer to make it happen. Get ready to love, cringe, laugh, and kind of swear, because love is flipping awesome.

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