Montgomery, K G – Harding Proper

Charlotte Evers enters a used bookstore in Harding, Idaho, and assigns a threat-level to the old clerk behind the counter—ninety percent harmless, ten percent a threat. Charlotte needs to unload a small fortune in antique books for quick cash, and she’s prepared a lie in order to keep her secrets.

The town is Charlotte’s final stop before she can escape her troubled past, but the encounter escalates into a high-speed chase. With the police involved, Charlotte needs to quickly leave Harding behind, but that requires forming risky alliances. Soon, three Harding residents―the bookstore clerk, the police chief, and a local teen―are involved. They’re determined to discover Charlotte’s real identity and her connection to a missing persons case. The sooner Harding returns to normal, the sooner they can go back to avoiding each other. Trouble is, in a small town where mistrust is the norm, Charlotte isn’t the only one with secrets.

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