Perkins, Luisa – Summersong

Tin whistle player Tom Maloney hates his day job working as a psychic bloodhound, but he’s bound to mob boss Frank Farago until his father’s massive gambling debts are paid. So when a rich recluse promises to settle his account if he’ll track down her runaway daughter, Tom seizes the chance at freedom.

Una has lived her whole life in thrall, with her mother siphoning off her magical energy for her own corrupt purposes. But after escaping the Manhattan townhouse where she’s been kept prisoner all her life, Una runs right into the arms of the abusive man she’s been betrothed to since birth.

Vowing never to be slaves again, Una and Tom must join forces to elude their pursuers and find their way in a magical culture foreign to them both.

An urban fantasy retelling of Mozart’s The Magic FluteSummersong is sure to inspire and captivate.

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