You may apply for the scholarship for yourself or nominate someone else to be a recipient.

Storymakers Conference is committed to creating a supportive community for writers from all backgrounds. We strive to provide progressive, affordable experience in learning the art and business of writing. Financial assistance in the Storymakers Conference is vitally important in helping writers achieve their writing and publishing dreams.

Although our General Scholarship is need-based, we do not ask applicants to submit detailed financial information. When applying for either the General Scholarship or the Diversity Scholarship, please self-certify that you meet all the qualifications for the respective scholarship. Your certification will be taken and accepted at face value.

To demonstrate seriousness about a writing career, the applicant should indicate why they (or the person they are nominating) wish to attend the conference and what path they hope to take with their writing. This should be brief, but enough to demonstrate that the applicant (or the person they are nominating) will put the skills and tools they acquire at the conference to a good purpose. The Scholarship Committee reserves the right to disqualify any application they judge as lacking merit.

A person may qualify for a scholarship just one time, unless unusual circumstances cause the committee to recommend a second scholarship. A second scholarship must be approved by the Board of Directors.



We offer Diversity Scholarships to those with marginalized voices that have been historically underrepresented in publishing. This includes (but is not limited to): Native peoples and people of color, people living and/or born/raised in underrepresented cultures and countries, people with disabilities, people on marginalized ends of cultural and/or religious spectrum, people identifying within the LGBTQIA+ community. While the Diversity Scholarship is not strictly determined on financial need-based criteria, it will be taken into consideration.




Our general need-based scholarship application is open to anyone struggling to afford attending the Storymakers Conference. Applicants should demonstrate that without financial assistance it would be difficult, if not impossible, to attend.