Hadly, Aspen – Just Enough Magic

The first time I saw Alexander Drake, I was looking at his picture on the cover of a Financial Life magazine. I’d have to have been blind not to notice what a total catch he was. Rich, handsome, and completely make believe. Only, he wasn’t some fake cover model. He was a real person, soon-to-be brother-in-law of my best friend Lucy, and when she introduced us for the first time, I swooned. Hard. Me. Kayla Benson. Master of male-female relationships, strong, independent, and the one usually being swooned over. The worst part? While I was busy catching my breath – my eyes so dazed they might as well have been crossed – he hadn’t even bothered to look my way. Suddenly I wanted nothing more than to ruffle his feathers and see what could happen if I became a force in his life’s bubble. So . . . I did.

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