Hilton, Emi – Memories in Morro Bay

Book Cover, couple holding hands near water

Asher never expected a second chance at love, not after he tragically lost his first. With a broken heart and shattered life, this doctor carefully put the pieces of his world back together, only for his walls to crumble when he walks into a patient’s recovery room and meets Layla, the woman from out of town who put her life on hold to care for her aunt… The woman who challenges everything Asher thought he knew.

Layla’s love, dedication, and passion give Asher a hope he thought couldn’t exist. Everything about Layla draws Asher in… But he can’t escape the guilt of falling in love again, of moving forward, even though his heart beats for Layla.

Their romance can only go so far before Asher’s past causes him to question their future, as Layla returns home and forces herself to move on. It feels impossible for Layla to fathom life with anyone else, and Asher is determined to prove just how far he’ll go for love.

When given their second chance, Asher and Layla will find out if love can truly forgive and overcome.

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