Hope, Melissa – Sea of Kings

Thirteen-year-old Prince Noa has hated the ocean since the day it caused his mothers death. But staying away from the sea isn’t easy on his tropical island home where he’s stuck trying to keep up with his dim-witted and overconfident younger brother Daganthe brawn to Noas brains.

When a vengeful pirate lays siege to their home, Noa and Dagan narrowly escape with their lives. Armed with a stolen ship, a haphazardly assembled crew, and a magical map that makes as much sense as slugs in a salt bath, the brothers set sail for the realms other kingdoms in search of help.

But navigating the sea proves deadlier than Noas worst fears. To free his home, Noa must solve the maps confusing charts and confront the legendary one-eyed pirate before an evil force spreads across the realm and destroys the very people Noa means to protect.

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