Iona, Alta: The Shadow of Wildflowers

Montana, 1890. Lainie set out to find her father. She didn’t expect he’d be a killer. She escapes his murderous intent and finds refuge in Idaho’s panhandle on a farm with its own tragic story. There, she meets Jake, a young widower and father drowning in grief, and Miss Jayne, an early settler of the land who is emotionally raw from a disabling injury. Harsh challenges fill their days as each comes to terms with personal battles and the upheaval nature brings to the land and the farm. Always at the back of their minds is the man—the murderer—intent on killing Lainie. Will unexpected discoveries heal the brokenness of grief? Will layers of trust foster love? What new paths lie in the shadow of wildflowers? The frontier of Idaho’s Camas Prairie, with its backdrop of rolling hills and jagged cliffs, provides a rich setting for this multilayered novel where personal identity evolves in the face of tragedy, hope stands on the horizon, and resiliency is bolstered by grace.

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