Mitchell, Gracie Ruth – Say Yes to the Hot Mess

Maya Ellis
New mom. Retirement community member. Avoider of men.

Am I single? Yes. Am I ready to mingle? Not even kind of–especially now that I have my son to think about. My dating track record speaks for itself, and it is not pretty. It’s a good thing I accidentally moved into a retirement community; I’m not interested in guys thirty years older than me.
But now the new complex manager–the young, attractive complex manager–has realized I’m not supposed to live here, and he’s trying to kick me out. It doesn’t help that he’s my new neighbor, or that I somehow end up pretending to be his girlfriend for his cousin’s wedding. The man is insufferable. Pretty to look at–and fine, sometimes maybe a little funny–but insufferable.
Good thing I have my anonymous online friend to keep me sane. He keeps my opinion of men from tanking completely…

Dex Anthony
Complex manager. Secret pen pal. Clark Kent lookalike.

My job as the manager of a retirement community isn’t what I thought it would be. I didn’t expect the senior citizen version of the black market, for example. I didn’t expect feisty old women. And I definitely didn’t expect Maya Ellis, a young mom who somehow managed to skirt the community age requirements.
Unfortunately, Maya is my best chance at avoiding my matchmaking mother. So she’ll be my fake girlfriend for two days–just two. Then my life will go back to normal: working, doing jigsaw puzzles in my sweats, and chatting with my mysterious internet pen pal. And I’ll get Maya Ellis to leave this retirement community, because she’s way too young to live here…
Even if I’m starting to like having her around.

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