Lange, Rebecca – Healing the Orphaned Heart

“Why do I have to leave? Why didn’t my father make you my guardian?” Rose Williams looked at her governess and butler as tears welled up in her eyes. She couldn’t understand why her father didn’t think of these things before his death. She was an orphan now and had to move from Boston to Colorado to live with her uncle and his family.

All Rose ever wanted was the love of her father – not his money or prominence, just his love. After her mother’s early death, her father was all she had left. But, instead of reaching out to her and giving her the love she so desperately needed, his grief and pain made him pull away – leaving her to the care of his servants and staff. She grows up into a beautiful, headstrong, feisty, yet serious young woman, but no matter how hard she tries to ignore the emptiness in her heart, it was still there. Terrified to meet the relatives she hadn’t seen since she was five years old, she makes the journey alone. She quickly realizes that her late father’s wealth – and with that, her dowry – made her a target for journalists and men everywhere. Will her family welcome her with open arms, or are they taking her in because they have to? Is a man worthy of her love out there, or does everyone only care about her wealth?

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