The Storymentors Program pairs dedicated writers with Storymakers Guild members for a one-year mentorship.

Important Dates:

May 1: Applications open for Guild Members to sign up as Storymentors.
Storymakers Conference: Applications open for writers to apply for a Storymentorship.
May 31: Application period closes for mentors and potential mentees.
June 7: Mentors are given a list of potential mentees to choose from.
June 15: Mentees are notified if they have been selected.

Mentorships continue until Storymakers Conference the following year.

For Guild Members

Are you looking for an opportunity to help other writers on their writing journey? Become a Storymentor! Fill out a brief survey and let us know which mentorship tracks you'd be willing to work with; Traditional Publishing, Self-Publishing, and/or Writer Development. We'll screen the mentorship applications and share the ones that seem to be a good match. The final decision of who to work with will be yours.

Read our Guide to Being a Storymentor to learn more.

Sign up May 1st to May 31st!

For Mentorship Applicants

Are you a dedicated writer looking for some guidance? Apply for a Storymentorship!  There are three mentorship tracks to choose from based on your personal writing goals for the upcoming year.

Writer Development Mentorship

If you're interested in improving your craft as a writer and/or learning more about publishing, this mentorship is for you! You'll be able to ask questions about writing and publishing that will help you find direction as you continue your journey.

Self-Publishing Mentorship

This mentorship is for those who have decided to self-publish and want some guidance as they prepare to launch their own publishing venture.

Traditional Publishing Mentorship

If you have a book finished or almost finished and you want someone to help you get ready to jump into the querying game, the Traditional Publishing Mentorship focuses on preparing you to find an agent or submit to a small press.

Read our Mentee Expectations to learn more.

Sign up between Storymaker's Conference and May 31st!